Gas Leaks

Actions for Gas Leaks

Emergency Control of Gas

➤ Check house piping, appliances, and vents for damage
➤ Check for fires or fire hazards
➤ Do not use matches, lighters, or other open flames
➤ Do not operate electrical switches, appliances, or battery-operated devices if you suspect natural gas leaks. This could create sparks that could ignite gas from broken lines
➤ If a gas line breakage is suspected, shut off gas at the meter. Then, turn the meter off only if you can do it safely! The shutoff valve is located next to the meter as shown. Turn the valve a quarter turn in either direction to the “off” position. Once the meter is shut off, it should only be turned back on by a plumber, heating contractor, Questar Gas employee or other qualified person.
➤ Turn on a battery-operated radio if no gas leaks are found or a car radio to receive disaster instructions
➤ Do not use your telephone, except in extreme emergency situations