What Individuals and Families Can Do

Before a disaster

  • Learn about needs your family may need should services be interrupted.
  • Learn about resources the community has to help with preparedness and recovery.
  • Learn how you can be part of the solution by becoming trained and learning how to volunteer in the needed areas of response and recovery.
  • Get to know your neighborhood and the needs it may have and learn how you can help.
  • Make connections with community leaders and organizations that can be resources for the community during a disaster and in recovery.

During Recovery

  • Utilize your preparedness efforts.
  • Help in your neighborhood.
  • Volunteer with organizations that help in the recovery process.
  • Report your volunteer hours and efforts to help your neighbors and community.
  • Help the community recovery by being an active participant in recovery needs and wants.
  • Help your loved ones cope after an emergency or disaster by using provided resources.