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Tooele Responds is regular people coming together to help our community not only during a disaster, but before one ever happens, and in the long haul of recovery. It is businesses and organizations, of any type, and individuals who want to make their community more resilient in the face of our ever-changing world where so much is unknown.

Why Tooele Responds? We can see the horizon. There will always be more storms on the horizon, we don’t know what kind or when, but we know they will come. Since we know that, we know there will be a need for more resources, more help. But we don’t like to focus on the negative. There are more benefits of Tooele Responds than just what is coming around the corner.

Having people who know what to do in a disaster means that response can happen quicker, and recovery can begin sooner. It also means that people are safer and can work more efficiently. Tooele Responds isn’t just about finding out what skills are already out there, but helping people learn more skills and grow on those skills that will be needed.

Communities are living breathing entities. Because of this, they require the whole community especially you to take part in finding solutions to better help our community be more resilient toward hazards. When people look for solutions and reach outside of their box and work together, recovery can be expedited and efficient. It takes the whole community to help the community recover and thrive after a disaster.

When a network of individuals and businesses and organizations become knowledgeable about the resources and skilled people within our communities it increases the power of recovery exponentially. Our community will become more resilient because we take steps together to prepare, plan, and mitigate for events and hazards that might pose a risk in our communities.

The relationships formed beforehand, declares you are invested in resilience for the community and for the people of the community. Relationships within the community help us think outside of the box and create partnerships in ways that haven’t been done before, but will help put capabilities of our community businesses, organizations, and individuals into place during and after a disaster.

There are never enough professional responders when there is a major event. That is why it is critical to train people in neighborhoods, and in organizations, and businesses, so they can know how to be better prepared, and to know especially how to help their neighbors, families, coworkers, and community. It is important to know how to properly respond and what is the best way to help. Every disaster is different, but there are always key principles that are the same no matter what type of disaster, that are effective in helping a community recover. Learning those principles can help the professionals do their job and can also help the community because having trained volunteers means quicker and more efficient recovery because they know what they are expected to do and can get right to work.

When individuals, families, neighborhoods, workplaces, and communities are prepared they are better able to cope with an event of any type because they have thought through the processes of what may need to take place after an event happens. When people are prepared, they have developed skills and knowledge to help them bounce forward and begin the process of helping their family, or their neighborhood, or their workplace, or their community recover. Recovery starts with preparedness. Resilience starts with planning and learning. The more we learn and do the more we can serve those around us.

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